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Our Website Foundation

Our team has been developing websites for over 14 years. A lot has changed in that time. We currently build all our websites on the Joomla! CMS (for more information visit the Joomla! website). We have invested heavily in professional templates, components and other tools to make our sites safe, code compliant and performing exceptionally. We test for consistency across modern website browsers and operating systems. All our sites have Google analytics installed, which lets you track exactly how people are using your site and fine-tune accordingly. We set up hosting for our clients through 8Dweb and even create an initial batch of email addresses at no charge. 

The Site Creation Process

Every website begins with a New Site Profile Form. This will allows us to understand your goals and vision for your new site. From there we will correspond by email or meet, review your profile form, and together shape the concept for version 1.0 of your site. We will provide you with a detailed estimate, and begin work with a signed agreement and 50% deposit. At that point we will gather the content (text and images) from you via our simple to use website helpdesk and our digital media architects will begin building your site. When development reaches about 80% completion, we will let you preview the site and communicate what changes or adjustments you may require. After you are 100% satisfied with the design and everything on the estimate has been completed, you can make your final payment and the site will go live. Once live, we submit it to Google to speed up and optimize search engine processing. 

Responsive Layouts

One of the biggest challenges in website development today is keeping up with the increasing variety of tech devices that are being used to browse the web. Statistics reveal that sites are being viewed on mobile devices more commonly with each passing month. Pinching to zoom just to read the page is annoying, and most websites have too much information for mobile users. How do you make sure people get what they need on each device? Responsive design. Responsive layouts respond to the screen size of the device viewing it to dynamically change the site's layout and navigation. It also provides the ability to hide certain content when viewed on a phone to keep page sizes, text content and scrolling manageable. 

Search Engine Optimization

We create sites that position our clients for remarkable success with Google search results. Over the years we have learned some valuable techniques to help our clients gain exposure without spending a fortune on SEO packages. We carefully employ search engine friendly URL's, intelligent page titles, metadata and various other methods we keep in the vault of trade secrets.

Sometimes our clients need some extra help getting better SEO results. We offer 3, 6 and 12 month SEO contracts that are very affordable. We have found that small optimization changes over an extended period of time yields excellent results. Our contracts provide monthly research and SEO reports to accompany just such adjustments.

Maintaining Your Site

Coughlin has re imagined the way site updates and maintenance should work. We started by thinking about what we would want as a client, and figured out how to offer that to our clients. The key components are flexibility and affordability. Most people let their sites grow stale because they are forced to pay high prices for regular updates. Not so with Coughlin. Many of our clients are busy running their companies and have little time to manage their site. In case this applies to you, we have two solutions. We offer a standard update service where you simply send us a ticket for what you want changed and we change it. We have revolutionized the service in that we invoice by 15 minute increments, not hourly as most developers do. Most changes take 15-30 minutes That difference adds up to significant savings for you! Our second option, block contracts, is ideal if you want to update your site frequently throughout the year. Block contracts allow you to pay for a block of time up front and receive a discount on the hourly rate. We still invoice in 15 minute increments and you get a statement every month. 

Want to maintain your own site? No problem! We will give you the ability to log in and update the content of your site in your own time, from any computer with internet access. You won't have any software to buy, or any additional fees to pay. You will not have access to the security features, server settings, or template files. This allows us to protect your site from attacks and ensure that you don't have to worry about "breaking" it when you are updating it. Of course, if you choose to maintain your own site and have a big project or get behind on your schedule, you can always submit a ticket and we will take care of it for you. This innovative hybrid model allows for flexibility, control, and peace of mind. 

Other Website Services

The internet is constantly evolving and in response we continually update our tool set of cool features to help our clients stay relevant. Here are a few of the most frequently requested services:

Online Store | Social Media Integration | Calendar & Event Planning | Sermon Audio & Video Catalog | Online Forms | Email Marketing | Hosting

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