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Coughlin Cares

Application Form


The “Coughlin Cares Program” is an in-kind sponsorship initiative aimed at supporting local non-profit organizations (NPO) in their missions to local communities. Coughlin is on a mission to partner with local NPOs to connect business and community through print and digital products and services. Each quarter, Coughlin may select one 501(c)(3) NPO that supports small business and community development to receive a certificate valued up to $500 good for Coughlin print, digital, and strategy solutions.


Anyone may go to to nominate a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of their choice. Only organizations within Jefferson and Lewis counties of New York are eligible. The NPO does not have to be a Coughlin client to be nominated.

All nominees receive an email with an option to opt out of the program within a week or await the selection process. Finalists will be notified with a second email with instructions to complete this application.


The Coughlin Cares Program runs on a quarterly basis. All nominations are due by the first day of the second month within the quarter (see below). Applications are due within a week of receiving a finalist notification and invitation to apply, or by application deadline below, whichever comes first. Projects using Coughlin products and services using the awarded certificate must be completed by the 15th day in the last (third) month of the quarter (see below).

2024 Nomination Deadline Application Deadline Project Deadline

  2024 Nomination Deadline Application Deadline Project Deadline
Q1 1/1 – 3/31 February 1 February 8 March 15
Q2 4/1 – 6/30 May 1 May 8 June 15
Q3 7/1 – 9/30 August 1 August 8 September 15
Q4 10/1 – 12/31 November 1 November 8 December 15


Completed nominations automatically notify nominees via email. Nominees will have one week from notification of nomination to decline participation in the program. Nominees who continue in the program but do not get an invite to apply by the application deadline will know they were not selected as a finalist. Nominees that are not selected as a finalist for the round in consideration must be renominated for consideration in any future rounds.

Coughlin leadership will review all applications as they are received up until the application deadline to determine if there are qualifying organizations. If applicable, Coughlin may select up to five organizations as finalists. Nominees who are selected as finalists will be notified by a second email with an invitation to apply. All finalists have until the application deadline to apply.

The Coughlin team will select one organization from the pool of finalists who applied for the award, whose project best fits the purpose of the program. The organization selected for the award will be notified within a week after the application deadline to allow up to a month to complete the project. If no suitable winner is determined, no winner will be declared for that period.

Any finalists who apply for but are not selected for the award may opt for consideration for the next quarter without having to be renominated. This opt in without nomination may only be used the following quarter. If opt-in finalist is not selected for a second consecutive quarter, then a nomination will be required for participation in the following quarter.

Qualifying factors to determine which finalist receives the award include, but are not limited to, number of nominations and reason given for nomination, sharing and other social media activity, value the project will add to the community and its constituents, depth of answers and reasoning on application, and any supporting information submitted that demonstrates involvement in and impact on the local community in which the organization serves.

Applicants are asked to identify need of print and digital services, when they are needed, why they are needed, how they will be used, how the collaboration will benefit the community, and how they (NPO) will promote the products and services provided by Coughlin. If you are unsure what digital and print products and services Coughlin has to offer, please visit our website, or contact us.

Please complete the application to the best of your ability. If you need more space, feel free to attach additional details in the body of an email, in a letter, word document, pdf file, or other means you see fit, as an attachment to or enclosure with your application. If you have any questions, contact Wil at 315-755-2721.

Coughlin Cares Application Form



Please describe the project(s) you would like Coughlin to partner with you on. Include the purpose, goals to be achieved, target audience, how it aligns with the vision and mission of your organization, and how it will impact the community.


Please describe print & digital products & services needed to support the promotion and/or completion of your project. For example, do you need flyers, posters, brochures, banners, event cards or tickets, etc? Do you need digital services such as logo design, social media strategy and postings, content copy on a website, landing page, etc.?


Attach proof of nonprofit status and any additional information you believe to be relevant to help solidify your qualifications for this sponsorship award.


Please share the love by giving us a referral or two of an organization you believe to be fitting for this program. Provide the organization's name, a point of contact with name, contact phone number and email, and a brief description of your reason for the nomination.


If selected for the award we agree to...

Having read and understood all content within this application packet, I agree to all terms and conditions and willingly apply to the program.



This program is driven by peer nominations and sharing of program outcomes on social media. It is designed to foster community spirit and collaboration. Goals and objectives must be clear and demonstrate positive impact on the community. Products and services requested by the selected NPO must go toward the completion and promotion of the program project.

Coughlin will assign a liaison to work with the chosen organization to draft content as needed and document the process with photos to use in future promotions. Products and services are to be shared on NPO social media and/or websites. Recipients of certificates are required to tag Coughlin in a minimum of one social media post with a picture and description of product(s) and service(s), how they benefit the NPO or its cause, and invite their followers to submit their nominations for the next round by visiting

Although Coughlin requests contact info for nominations from applicants, it is Coughlin’s sole discretion regarding contacting or considering them. However, sponsorship recipients may go to to submit their nominations and are highly encouraged to do so as more nominations increases chances of being selected for the award. Feel free to reach out to your nominees and invite them to nominate other NPOs as well. Sharing of the program on social media is highly encouraged to help spread the word, share in the initiative, and elicit more nominations.

By participating, you agree to all statements initialed in section V: to use the certificate for this project only; to pay for any products or services requested outside of the awarded amount; promote the program and project products/services on social media, website, and print materials; invite followers to to participate in the program; and give Coughlin permission to use any design and photos in Coughlin’s future promotional materials.

Launch/handover of product:

– A meeting will be scheduled to officially hand over the finished product(s) and talk about the promotional process. Quotes from this meeting may be used in a press release, social media post, or other marketing endeavor.

– Coughlin will post a captioned photo on its social media featuring the finished product(s), tagging the recipient. The recipient should share that post or tag Coughlin in their own social media post.

– The recipient agrees that Coughlin may take and use photos of the finished product(s) in future marketing endeavors.