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Get Ready for Raffles

Posted on August 30, 2021
Written by David Nisley
Tags: Printing

6 Steps to Organizing the Winning Fundraiser

Welcome to the fun way of raising support.

Looking for ways to raise funds, awareness, and engagement for your non-profit organization? Consider a raffle! It can be a great way to connect with current and new supporters. Keep reading for six steps on how to run a raffle.

1: Follow the laws!

Review your local regulations. A raffle is considered a lottery in some states, with its own set of guidelines and permits. Check with New York’s Gaming Commission for current laws at the beginning of the planning process.

2: Set some goals.

Make sure everyone involved is aware of financial goals, deadlines, and objectives. Ask the fun questions: what are the prizes? How can you raise awareness with your target audience? How many tickets need to be sold, and how will that goal be accomplished? Play into the expectations that people have for your organization. We print tickets for local non-profits who host small, weekly raffles and others who go all-in on annual events with lavish prizes. All are successful because the organizers set realistic goals for their demographics.

3: Print the tickets!

Custom, branded raffle tickets assure people that they’re entering a legitimate competition and supporting a worthy cause. Including the organization’s logo and mission on the ticket are a good reminder of why the raffle is happening. Feature the grand prize (and sponsor, if applicable), along with other prizes. It’s also helpful to include the drawing date, website so people can find more information, and sequential numbering so everyone knows how many tickets are available. The ticket stub should include space for supporters to fill out their contact information. The winners will need to be contacted, and you can ask everyone to opt in to future newsletters for continued support.

4: Promote the raffle.

Don’t let all the planning go to waste. Promote, promote, promote! Include information about the upcoming raffle in all your communication channels: social media, newsletters, staff meetings, and more. Coughlin can print posters or postcards to help spread the word. Do everything you can to share this opportunity with everyone who wants to support your cause – or might just like your really cool prizes.

5: Sell tickets. Sell tickets. Sell tickets.

Get your staff or volunteers excited about selling tickets. It may be worthwhile to host a contest and have a prize ready for the person who sells the most tickets. Do what you can to succeed at the goals set at the beginning of the fundraiser.

6: Win!

Wrap it up and pick a winner! Plan an event for the drawing to keep the excitement going and elevate support to an ongoing relationship. This is also a great opportunity to spread awareness about the mission of the raffle.

Our printing team can help make you the real winner!

Life is busy. Let Coughlin take care of designing and printing your tickets, posters, and more so you can focus on other details. Schedule a free consultation so we can get your winning fundraiser started.