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Everything You Need to Know About Printing at Coughlin Printing

Posted on April 25, 2022
Written by David Nisley
Tags: Printing

Coughlin Printing is a good place to print… whatever you need to print.

We’ve been fine-tuning the process for over 130 years just so we can make your project the best one yet. We understand that our nerdy passion for paper and ink isn’t what you’re thinking about on a regular basis. That’s okay!

The Coughlin team is here to help, whether you know exactly what you need or want some extra hands-on guidance. Here is the information we’ll be looking for whenever we start a new printing project.

1: The basic questions for any printing project.

It would be amazing if we could read your mind, but… we can’t. So, we ask questions to make sure that we’re making exactly what you want and need!

How many do you need? Is this a small batch of posters, or a mass mailing of promotional postcards to everyone in town? The per-piece cost often goes down with larger quantities.

When is the deadline? Each project is a custom project, so we’ll need to take the design phase, supplies, and current schedule into account. With the current post-pandemic supply chain concerns it is best to plan your jobs ahead as much as possible.

2: The Paper.

What kind of paper is needed for your project? Tell us where your finished product is intended to go, and we’ll find the perfect paper.

Stock (the “weight” of a paper): Thicker paper holds up to wear and tear. Thinner paper is more economical. Cardstock is great for postcards. Water resistant paper is great for ecological surveys in the Adirondacks (yes, we can do that).

Color: Coughlin offers a full spectrum of colors and parchments.

Size: Knowing what size – even if you can just give a minimum or maximum – is helpful as we consider which machine and procedures to use for your project. Below is a graphic of common paper sizes, though we certainly print on other sizes!

3: The design details.

We can use your ready-to-print design, or you can work with our designers to create something new.

Ink: Do you want Color or Grayscale (black & white)? Our Pantone Color Match Service can reproduce your company’s official colors for a professional, cohesive look.

Margins: Full Bleed means there is no visible margin; we’ll print your design on a larger paper, then trim it down to its final size so the design goes right to the edge. No Bleed means the design doesn’t extend to the edge of the paper, and a margin will be visible. On folded pieces with no bleed, treat each fold as its own edge. This will center the design on each panel and keep the margins from looking lopsided.

Format: Graphics should be submitted as a JPG, TIFF, AI or SVG file, with a minimum of 600 DPI. Your graphic designer will know what that means!

4: Anything else?

We’re obsessed with the details that make your project stand out and your life easier.

Finishing details: We can laminate, perforate, fold, hole-punch, staple, bind, round off the corners, or number each piece in sequential order – whatever it takes to make your project better and your life easier.

5: Wrapping up!

Proof it. When working with our design team, a proof will be emailed to you so you can offer feedback or say, “It’s ready to print!”

Print it. This is what we do best. Our Watertown office can print (almost) anything. Our Lowville office is equipped to print small-batch orders of projects in basic paper sizes (8.5×11 to 11×17); larger or more intricate projects are transported from Watertown weekly.

Mail it. We can sort, print postage, complete your post office paperwork, and take it to the post office. For many of our clients, this is less expensive than if they simply mailed first class on their own.

Pick it up. Come get your beautiful project! We’ll clarify which office you want to pick up at when you’re placing the order. (Need something shipped or delivered? Talk to us about those options, too!)


Meet the rest of the team: Help get the word out with coordinating envelopes, stickers, websites, coupons, social media graphics, or advertisements.  Call, visit, or request a free consultation. We’re excited to get started!