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8 Essential Features for Every Website

Posted on May 19, 2021
Written by David Nisley
Tags: Websites

If one of these is missing you will notice.

A website is the most essential component of a company’s online presence. So what needs to be included to best connect with prospective customers and promote the business? We’ve created this list of eight elements every website should consider including.

1: Your Purpose

Don’t hide the reason you exist.

What information or product are you providing? Don’t make potential customers hunt around and guess if they found the right website. Feature your logo, photos, and relevant words to quickly explain how you can make life better. Even if your homepage doesn’t include everything, it should intuitively entice customers to find exactly what they need.

Croghan Meat Market does this well. Whether a visitor found this website through a Google search or manually typed in every letter of the URL, it’s obvious that Croghan Meat Market does, in fact, sell meat. No scrolling necessary.

2: Photos

It’s okay to show off.

Pictures (and video!) can explain your one-of-a-kind product, service, or experience better than any paragraph. It’s not just about explaining something. Customers remember pictures better than words, thanks to the Picture Superiority Effect. That photograph of perfectly grilled sausages from Croghan Meat Market’s homepage has been seared into our consciousness, and we’re not mad about it.

3: Real Photos

Yes, it’s that important.

First, a confession: we use stock photos. It’s a quick and affordable way to finish a website, especially when there aren’t other options. But we’re talking about ideal websites here. Stock photos can be used by everyone, including your direct competition. You are not everyone. Stand out.

There are plenty of stock photos showcasing delicious meats and treats. However, there’s no way to control where else those photos might end up. And there are definitely no stock photos that can truly show off Croghan Meat Market’s commitment to quality and top-secret family recipes.

4: Online Store

Be open all the time.

An online store crosses physical barriers and makes a company’s products available to anyone, in any place, at any time. In 2018, it was reported that 87% of shoppers began their product searches on digital platforms. It’s safe to say that number has only increased. Even businesses that don’t sell physical products can use an e-commerce platform to feature services, book appointments, and connect to customers.

5: Fresh Content

An important way to help a website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results is by sharing new content with relevant keywords. Whether that section of the website is labeled News, Updates, Blog, or Press, each new article helps to give customers more information, build credibility, and boost rankings in search results.

6: FAQ’s

Answer questions before customers ask.

Providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions has plenty of benefits. Customers can learn the information without calling or emailing. This page often helps with navigation to other parts of the website, as each answer can be hyperlinked to a helpful service, program, or product. Use simple terms rather than complicated, technical details, though including relevant keywords is a great way to boost SEO rankings.

7: Call to Action

Guide the next steps.

What do you want potential customers to do? Include a clearly written prompt and the tools to make it happen. Booking appointments? Include a calendar so someone can schedule it right now. Selling smoked meats? Have an online store so Coughlin’s Digital Media Specialist can order some when he’s been staring at the website all day.

8: Contact Info

Don’t hide from customers.

All the answers might be on the website, but sometimes customers just need to talk to you. Whether that’s an email address, phone number, or online form (or a combination of those!) depends on your target audience. And then make sure to check those emails and voicemails! Every conversation matters.

Our website design department will make this list of 8 elements come to life!

We’re here to help. Reach out to our Website Liaison, Rebecca Wallen (315-376-3224) so we can create, redesign, or refresh your website!

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